About Us

Our History

Seven and Parker started as an idea. I started to realize that I wanted certain colors, or certain finishes in polishes that just did not exist. So I decided to get some clear nail polishes as crush eyeshadow in them. When that didn’t work, I got serious. And Seven and Parker was born!

First was actually lip balms, which will eventually be offered as we expand, that I make for family and friends. Then, I started to make nail polishes 3-Free. I wanted to give my son an homage, and his name being Seven, Seven and Parker had a name. Parker will hopefully be my next child…. Seven is a lucky number.

Our Mission

We wanted to bring a GREAT product into the hands of people whom love nail polish and color, and bring a little glitter and sparkle into this world.

We want to make quality products that are fashion forward and different than the trends we see out there. We want to bring different colors and effects to the nail polish world. We want to make nail polish more than just paint on your nails. We want it to become a necessary accessory.